User beware… Can you make it out alive?
Imagine you’re trying to buy a "sexy product manager" costume on the internet. You do a Bing search and click to the first result. Nothing seems amiss. And then… BAM! BOOM! POW! You control-click to open a related costume in a new tab, but the website opens it in the same tab!!
Abandon hope, ye who enter here. You will never, ever compare these two products side by side.
Bad UX is all around you…
If you spend enough time on the internet, you’ll see it all before long. Terrible, horrifying interfaces that send users shrieking and screaming. Spooky sights that boggle the mind… freaky functionalities that shake the spirit… eerie experiences that send the faint of heart packing, abandoning their plans!
I ain’t afraid of no ghosts!
It’s too late for you to turn back now… Do you feel the walls closing in? Links that don’t work, low-contrast color schemes, long lines of text, auto-playing videos, gratuitous popups – how much can you still bear?
Even now, I hear the UX witches chanting their primeval incantations: Lorem ipsum dolor sit, consectetur justo et. Nam non lacus magna quam, ante nunc vestibulum. Aenean in turpis ac, vitae nulla volutpat. Elementum odio, iaculis libero!
I pity you, user. May Don Norman protect you from what comes next.
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‘Til death do us part.
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