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TryMyUI vs UserZoom Go in a Nutshell

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There are two types of data in usability testing: qualitative (narrated user videos and surveys) and quantitative (task difficulty ratings, duration, psychometric scoring, and so on). While both offer plenty of insightful data, it’s the marriage of the two that informs the best design decisions.

Put simply, UserZoom Go (formerly Validately) is a lean usability testing product that specializes only in qualitative user feedback, offering virtually no quantitative metrics. Meanwhile, TryMyUI strives to be the end-all, be-all usability testing platform, offering comparable qualitative feedback with the most refined quantitative data.

The elephant in the room is, naturally, moderated vs unmoderated testing. This used to be a point of opportunity to expound on the benefits of unmoderated testing over moderated. But we don’t have to make that argument anymore. Moderated testing is a Q1 2021 feature for TryMyUI, making the biggest slight against us moot.

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Choose Your Own Usability Testing Platform

  • IF you are looking for both qualitative AND quantitative data, choose TryMyUI

  • IF budgeting is a concern and you want a flexible service, choose TryMyUI (we offer monthly plans; UserZoom Go is annual only, billed up-front)

  • IF you only want unmoderated qualitative feedback, choose TryMyUI

  • IF you are reading this before Q1 2021 and absolutely need moderated testing tomorrow, lock yourself into an annual contract with UserZoom Go I guess? Otherwise, choose TryMyUI

Notes about the following comparison charts:

These charts have been streamlined to create the broadest impressions of TryMyUI and UserZoom Go. To see the complete feature listings, please redirect to our pricing page and to their pricing page.

TryMyUI vs UserZoom Go at a glance:

Comparison table of TryMyUI's usability testing services and UserZoom Go

TryMyUI plans and services overview:

Screenshot of TryMyUI's usability testing platform plans and services

UserZoom Go plans and services overview:

Screenshot of UserZoom Go's services and plan levels

Closing Remarks

Since the acquisition of Validately by UserZoom and subsequent development of UserZoom Go in 2019, we at TryMyUI have seen an exodus of former Validately customers migrating to new platforms.

The primary reasons we have heard, anecdotally via demos, have been an increase in pricing and a narrowing of vision. Whereas Validately had a UX team interested in expanding the service to include quantitative metrics and in-house special features (not unlike our own UX Crowd), UserZoom Go has scaled back its vision and increased its price to serve as a qualitative introduction to its feature product, UserZoom.

We believe TryMyUI meets and surpasses all the marks of UserZoom Go, while maintaining a lower price-point and a grander vision. Get in touch with us to learn more!

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