Real-time user testing with your customers

How it works

Add your script snippet

Add your script snippet

Add the Stream tracking code snippet to your web pages.
Collect real user sessions

Collect real user sessions

Get video data of every single user session on your site.
Find every bad experience

Find every bad experience

Identify bad UX with Stream's A.I. frustration finder.

“This tool is a perfect, non-intrusive way to gain insights about your customers as they use your site. You can then take that data, analyze and synthesize it to constantly create better engineer experiences for your customers.”
Darren Hood
Manager of User Experience, Bosch

Usability testing, off the script

With TryMyUI Stream, you can record 100% of the real user sessions on your website. Forget writing tasks and scenarios – this is usability testing off the script.

By eliminating all outside interference, Stream lets you peek directly into the user experience of your website.

Follow users through key pages and flows to see what they are really doing on your site, and the real problems they run into. Learn what pathways lead to success or failure. Watch how those failures unfold.

With Stream, usability testing transcends hypothetical scenarios to show you the objective experiences of real, interested customers on your site right now.

Carolen Maganito
“TryMyUI Stream could be your missing UX team member. The ability to drive your UX activities through automated A.I. analysis of real-time user behavior data, can save time and effort versus your traditional UX methods.”
Carolen Maganito
Head of User Experience Center of Excellence, Chevron

A.I. identifies key user frustration markers

Stream's artificial intelligence engine automatically tags every session video with 4 key markers for identifying user frustration: Rage Clicks, Scrandom, Wild Mouse, and Backtracking.

Rage Clicks: Click. Nothing happens. Click. Click click click. Rage clicking is an obvious indicator that a user is getting frustrated. Identify broken, unresponsive, slow, or misleading elements with Rage Clicks.

Scrandom (Random scrolling): When the scent of information is weak, users lose patience and scroll rapidly through irrelevant content looking for their answer. See where users lose the scent with Scrandom.

Wild Mouse: A natural response to slow processes and pages that don't load properly is the Wild Mouse, where irritated, anxious users quickly zig-zag their cursor around the screen as they wait. Find these frustrating speed bumps with Wild Mouse.

Backtracking: When users hit dead ends or end up in the wrong place, they go for the Back button. Discover common dead ends on your site and guide users in a more helpful direction with Backtracking.

Jeff Sauro headshot
“Quantification is the future of UX. With huge datasets, usability research is transformed into an objective science.”
Jeff Sauro
Founding Principal, MeasuringU

Authentic feedback to improve your website

Web traffic doesn’t wait patiently for your usability issues to go away, so your UX strategy should be fast-paced. With videos of all your users’ authentic online experiences, you can diagnose and respond to issues with lightning speed.

At any time, TryMyUI Stream has the latest user sessions showing exactly what’s holding people back from converting.

Remote unmoderated usability testing brought UX research out of the lab and removed most of the artificial distortions of on-site testing. But it still deals in the hypothetical and leads testers through your website by the hand.

TryMyUI Stream removes the final barrier to genuine UX research and uncovers what users are really doing on your site, right now.

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