Remote User Testing Tools

TryMyUI specializes in providing website owners, large and small, with candid feedback from visitors in your target audience. With remote user testing, we capture the screens and voices of people navigating your site. You’ll quickly learn what’s working and what’s not working, what’s confusing and what’s well-received.

User Testing Tools Set

User testing tools for the modern product team

TryMyUI's user testing tools are designed for the modern user-centric product team, from the creation of your research projects to the analysis and communication of your results.

The biggest challenge in user testing is that it's time-consuming. The more data you collect, the more time it takes to go through it – 10 tests at 30 minutes each already adds up to 300 minutes of video to watch, rewatch, and analyze. Then all your insights must be compiled into action items and shared with the team, all in time for the next build.

The modern product team is agile

That's why, in building all our remote user testing tools, we focus on creating tools that cuts down on wasted time so user-centered teams can fit user testing into a tight iterative timeline. Our test creation page guides researchers through the process with expert-written tips and pointers, and you can easily duplicate or modify previous tests to suit your research goals for each new sprint.

We also provide a host of analytical tools to help researchers quickly identify the key insights and focus their efforts on the most relevant bits of the data.

With the UXCrowd, a voting-based survey that allows your testers to choose which issues impacted them the most, you can start to formulate your priority list before watching any video data. System Usability Scale (SUS) results show an overall usability score, so you can track improvements build by build; you can also use individual SUS scores to identify which testers had the most trouble, and then watch those videos first. Single-Ease Question (SEQ) scores, which rate the usability of the tasks in your test, help you to see where testers struggled the most, hone in on those moments, and pinpoint the problem.

The modern product team is collaborative

Usability research should engage everyone on the team to keep the user's experience at the core of the design process. With the Collaborative Analysis suite, all team members can access and share research projects and work together to extract insights. Our annotations software allows anyone to add tagged and timestamped notes to user videos so the rest of the team can easily view the main highlights of that video. Then, you can use your annotations to rapidly create an insights report with the templatized drag-and-drop Executive Summary generator.

Collaboration on a Product Team

Many Product Managers and UX Designers believe they don't have time to do user testing; but with remote user testing tools built to expedite setup, analysis, and action, you can put the user at the center of your design process and still be in time for your deadline.


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