Transparent and predictable pricing.

Monthly Annual


$99 /mo

For individuals looking to get started with user testing.

5 credits/mo (No rollover)

Demographic filtering

Written response surveys

Unlimited annotations

1 highlight reel/mo


$399 /mo

Robust tool set for small to medium-sized teams.

10 credits/mo (No rollover)

Test with your own testers

UX Diagnostics

3 Highlight reels/mo

Multi-member login


$2,000 /mo

All-in-one suite for agency level user testing & research.

30 credits/mo (No rollover)

Video transcripts

Multi choice screener surveys

Unlimited testing with your own testers

Unlimited highlight reels


*$5,000 /mo

An exclusive solution to large-scale user testing.

Unlimited credits 

Unlimited tests

Unlimited seats

Early access to features

*minimum 1 year contract

Full Plan Comparison

Monthly Annual
Personal Team Enterprise Unlimited
Monthly credits 5 10 30 Unlimited
Additional credit purchasing $45/ea $35/ea $25/ea Unlimited
Credit rollover Hifen Hifen Hifen Tick
Demographic filters All basic All basic Advanced Advanced
Screener questions Hifen 1 per test Up to 16 per test Up to 16 per test
Test with your own testers Hifen 10 Unlimited Unlimited
Custom panel Hifen Hifen Tick Tick
Video length options 20 min 20/30 min 20/30/45/60 min 20/30/45/60 min
Non-disclosure agreements Hifen Hifen Tick Tick
Post test survey questions 4 per test 4 per test Up to 16 per test Up to 16 per test
Post test survey question types Free response All types All types All types
Video transcription Hifen Hifen Tick Tick
System usability scoring Hifen SUS All models All models
Task usability scoring Hifen Tick Tick Tick
Task completion rates Hifen Tick Tick Tick
Task duration times Hifen Tick Tick Tick
UX Crowd Hifen Tick Tick Tick
Video annotations Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Highlight reels 1/mo 3/mo Unlimited Unlimited
Executive summaries Hifen Hifen Unlimited Unlimited
UX Sprint Hifen Tick Tick Tick
Download & export test data Hifen Tick Tick Tick
Video storage 60 most recent Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Multi-member login Hifen 2 seats 5 seats Unlimited
Additional seat purchasing Hifen Tick Tick Hifen