For over a decade, TryMyUI has specialized in providing candid, actionable UX feedback from the kind of visitors you want on your website or app. Whether you’re a seasoned UX researcher, or brand new to usability testing, our comprehensive suite of remote user testing tools will enable you to set up and launch your studies in minutes, and get useful results back in hours.

With TryMyUI, you can test any kind of digital product, at any stage of development, on desktop and mobile. Choose from our wide array of built-in setup options to collect a robust combination of qualitative and quantitative data; then, use our collaborative analytical features to quickly pinpoint and share key insights from the results.

Not sure where to begin testing? With our new Stitchology product, you can collect and track all sorts of data from your real web traffic to understand key user journeys, identify recurring problem spots and dropoff points, and even play back anonymized user sessions to see exactly how people are interacting with your site.

With targeted usability tests and live web analytics combined, you can get the full picture of your UX, and keep iterating to continuously improve the digital experiences you provide to users.

Test setup

Test types: Unmoderated & moderated testing

Unmoderated usability testing: Set your test up, launch it out, and then rest easy while your results roll in! Unmoderated testing is the quick and convenient solution for collecting valuable user testing insights on a tight product timeline.

With our 4-step guided test creation process, your study can be ready in no time; as soon as you launch, we begin fulfilling it right away. Testers will work from the tasks and questions you prepare as they try out your user flow, recording their screen as they go and providing real-time audio narration from start to finish.

Once your results are delivered, you’ll have a firsthand look into users’ thoughts, with unfiltered, in-the-moment feedback. Use features like our UX Diagnostics, UX Crowd, post-test survey, and transcripts to identify areas of interest and jump straight to the most critical clips.

Moderated usability testing: With moderated testing, you can conduct your user test sessions in a live call with each participant. Prepare your task script and questions, then schedule your test, and eligible participants will be recruited on-demand for you (or, you can bring your own participants).

As each live test proceeds, you can work from your script, or adapt on the fly to the direction that the session organically takes. Fill in task usability and completion markers, and leave notes that are automatically timestamped and saved for later. You can even use the moderation feature to run user interviews, discovery sessions, and more.

Unmoderated available at all TryMyUI plan levels; moderated available as paid add-on

Device: Desktop & mobile testing

TryMyUI user tests can be conducted on Windows computers, Macbooks, iPhones, and Androids. Choose the device type(s) testers should use when they perform your tests, and we’ll collect results from just those devices.

On desktop, you’ll see the entire screen, so you can have users switch between tabs, programs, or applications; we’ll also capture the mouse movements and highlight them for easy viewing. Desktop testing is compatible with all major browsers.

On mobile, you’ll see the entire screen, as well as gestures (taps, swipes, pinches, and any others) overlaid on the video. Videos on all devices include audio narration by the testers.

Available at all TryMyUI plan levels

Interfaces: Websites, apps & prototypes

Get feedback on any kind of digital product at every stage of the product development cycle with TryMyUI’s user testing tools. You can test live websites, staging websites, released and unreleased mobile apps (iOS / Android), prototypes, mockups, desktop downloads, or even marketing assets and materials.

Available at all TryMyUI plan levels

Impression testing

Impression Testing

First impressions are important. Add TryMyUI’s impression test feature to the beginning of any usability test to see what users think of your website after just 15 seconds.

Before performing the tasks, users look at your website’s landing page for 15 seconds. When those 15 seconds are up, the page is hidden and they’re asked to describe the feel of the site, words they remember, products or services offered, and any other impressions. This quick test is a great tool for exploring users’ perceptions of your design, and testing whether you’re sending the right message and setting the right tone.

Available at all TryMyUI plan levels

Tester recruitment

Demographic filtering

Demographic filtering

Our database of over 500,000 testers is demographically curated to allow you to narrow in on your exact target user and get the most relevant feedback for your products. Filter for attributes such as gender, age, country of residence, household income, education level, employment type, family status, community type, and social networks usage to get testers who resemble your customers.

Basic 10 filters available at all TryMyUI plan levels; advanced filters on Enterprise & up

Custom screening

In addition to our built-in demographic filters, you can list your own specific requirements and we’ll find testers who match them for you. With a mix of verbal-response screeners, technical screeners, and multi-choice screener surveys, you can target any criteria you’re interested in.

Verbal & technical screeners

Set up custom criteria that potential testers will check before beginning your test.

Technical screeners can be used for simple requirements related to device, browser, operating system, or any other technical specifics. If you need to make sure users are only on Chrome, for example, or have at least iOS 14 and up, you can screen for it here.

Verbal screeners are useful for targeting attributes that you’d like more detailed background information about. For example, if you want users who regularly use a competitor’s services, but you also want to know which competitor they use, and how often, and what they use it for, you can ask all of that here.

Testers are pre-screened so that only those who meet your criteria can participate, but once they begin the video session they’ll provide a verbal response explaining in detail how they meet your requirements.

Available at all TryMyUI plan levels

Screener surveys

To filter more stringently for the user characteristics you're looking for, you can add multiple-choice screener questions to your test (checkbox or radio-button style).

Add up to 10 answers per question, and preset which ones are accepted or rejected. Before beginning the test, potential testers will fill out your screener survey; only those who choose eligible responses will be able to continue on and perform the video session.

1 question per test on the Team Plan; up to 16 per test on Enterprise & up

Test with your own users

Got your own users that you want feedback from? When you set up your test, choose the option to use your own participants, and we’ll generate a link you can send them to participate. You can test with your own users on desktop or mobile, and in moderated or unmoderated usability studies.

10 invites per month on the Team Plan; unlimited on Enterprise & up

Custom NDA upload

Custom NDA upload

Do the interfaces you’re testing contain sensitive proprietary information, or features and offerings that aren’t yet available to the public? You can add an extra layer of security by uploading your own custom Non-Disclosure Agreements to any test. Participants will not be able to view or perform any part of your test until first agreeing to your NDA document, so your materials stay safe and secure.

Available on the Enterprise Plan & up; all tests subject to our Tester Agreement terms

Data collection

User-narrated videos

The core piece of data at the heart of any TryMyUI usability test is the user-narrated screen recording video.

Each user session is guided by a scenario and task script that you prepare when setting up the test. As the users perform your tasks, TryMyUI’s software will be recording their screens and microphones – so when the videos come back, you’ll be able to watch along to see exactly how they went about each task, and listen to their in-the-moment thoughts and reactions.

Our panel of testers is instructed to verbalize everything they’re thinking as they take a test, so you’ll hear about what they like, dislike, and find confusing, frustrating, or difficult.

Available at all TryMyUI plan levels

Post-test survey

Post-test survey questions are a good way to see what users remember most about their experience after completing the test session. If an issue comes up in the written responses, especially more than once, you can bet that it’s something you should fix immediately.

Create your own survey questions to add to the end of your usability test, or if you don’t know what to ask, just keep our 4 default questions.

Available at all TryMyUI plan levels; get longer surveys and more question types on Team & up

UX Diagnostics

TryMyUI’s quantitative UX Diagnostics dashboard is the perfect complement to the qualitative insights you’ll find in the user videos and written survey responses.

This suite of standardized UX metrics allows you to easily measure and benchmark your product’s overall usability and desirability, and map usability fluctuations along the user journey with task usability scores, task completion rates, and task duration times.

Psychometrics: System usability scores

Add a standardized psychometric survey model to the end of your tests to quantify the usability of any user journey.

UX Diagnostics SUPR-Q system usability data

After testers finish the video portion of your user test, they’ll answer a standardized set of rating-scale type questions. From their answers, we calculate an overall score (out of 100) for their experience during the test session.

Psychometric scores are great for benchmarking your design performance over time, comparing different design versions (or competing websites), or just instantly identifying which of your testers had the best and worst experience!

With a single click, add one of our built-in survey models to get an overall score for your test: options include the SUS, PSSUQ, SUPR-Q, ALFQ, and more.

SUS model available on the Team Plan; all models on Enterprise & up

Net Promoter Scores (NPS)

Get a rating for how likely users are to recommend your site or app to friends and colleagues by adding the NPS survey to the end of your user tests.

The Net Promoter Score is a widely-used marketing metric, and is a powerful shorthand for understanding user loyalty and general attitudes towards your brand. Use it to help your marketing team with their data collection, or to measure the impact of design changes on brand perception.

Available on the Enterprise Plan & up

Task usability scores

UX Diagnostics SEQ task usability data

With task usability scores, you can instantly identify which steps in your user journey are dragging down the whole user experience.

Test participants rate each task immediately after performing it, generating an in-the-moment data point measuring the difficulty of that task. You’ll be able to see each tester’s complete journey mapped as a line graph, as well as the average score for each task, so you can home in on problem spots right away. Then, jump to the relevant video moments straight from the graphs!

Task completion rates

Task completion rates are a great way to quickly flag the most urgent issues in your entire test. Your completion graph will show an overall breakdown of how many users could and couldn’t finish each task – from there, you can check which users marked it as incomplete, and dive right into that part of their test video to see what went wrong.

Task duration times

Time-on-task data is generated automatically and graphed for you on your main test results dashboard, so you can quickly see which tasks took longer and shorter, and how each individual tester differed by task.

Task usability, completion, and duration available with the Team Plan & up

UX Crowd

UX Crowd crowdsourced usability insights

Only available with TryMyUI, our proprietary UX Crowd feature is a crowdsourced survey model that enables you to quickly flag key qualitative insights from tests with large sample sizes, before you’ve watched even a minute of video.

After completing their test session, users submit their opinions on the best and worst parts of the experience, and vote on the answers submitted by others. Using a weighted vote system, we then rank all the submissions from highest to lowest, and the ones with the most consensus bubble to the top. At a glance, you’ll know the most important pieces of feedback from your whole study.

The UX Crowd makes user testing scalable – even with a sample size of 50, you’ll get all the major insights without having to watch dozens of hours of video first. Not only that, it also serves as an objective benchmark for ranking the importance of UX issues, free of researcher bias!

Available on the Team Plan & up

Video transcription

Get transcripts of every user video, generated with Amazon’s industry-leading speech-to-text technology. Transcripts are shown alongside the video player, so you can easily follow along as you watch – or, you can click anywhere in the transcript to jump directly to that part of the video.

Available on the Enterprise Plan & up

NEW: Stitchology web analytics

Our new Stitchology product line is a comprehensive web analytics and session replay tool. With a huge amount of insights into your aggregated web traffic as well as individual user sessions, you can uncover hidden user behaviors, identify recurring frustration patterns, and benchmark the performance of key flows on your site.

Visitor logs & session replay

Access a library of all the user sessions on your website, indexable by device, browser, operating system, and other vectors, as well as by frustration markers like rage clicks and error clicks.

You can quickly scan any session as a written visit log, showing all the navigations, mouse actions, scrolls, and frustration incidents that occurred; or, play it back as a video to watch their experience unfold.

Page-based insights

View complete traffic analytics from all the pages on your website, with an intuitive structure that groups related pages together and aggregates data for page groupings. In addition to standard datapoints like pageviews, bounce rates, exit rates, and even average load times, collect total instances of frustration markers per page to quickly identify the spots on your website with the most UX pain points.

For any page, you can also access the visitor logs of related sessions, to dive deeper into the experiences that touched on that page.

Goal tracking

Set up goals for key flows on your website, and track your overall conversions and conversion rates. You’ll also get detailed insights on user devices, geolocations, channel types, traffic sources, and other useful breakdowns. In addition, you can view the visitor logs of every session that converted, so you can see exactly how those sessions played out.

…and even more to come!

Besides the features already on offer within the Stitchology product, there’s even more powerful capabilities coming soon!

We’ll be continuing to add to the robust datasets that Stitchology generates, and more importantly, what you can do with them – custom dashboards, quick-access favorites, user journey analysis, and integrations with our usability testing tools that will allow you to continually iterate on designs and measure your success.

Stitchology is a separate product line available independently or in addition to any TryMyUI plan; contact us about trialing or purchasing

Analysis & collaboration

Multi-member login

Involve the whole team in usability testing with multi-member logins. Every seat-holder can create and launch their own tests, as well as view, edit, and analyze tests they are shared on.

With multi-member logins, you can collaborate on the research process from start to finish, and make sure everyone has access to UX insights. There’s no easier way to put user data in front of everyone from project managers to developers and designers, share critical findings, and collaboratively discuss ideas and solutions.

1 free additional seat on the Team plan; 4 free additional seats on the Enterprise plan

Video annotations

User test session video annotations

Create annotations with timestamps and sortable tags to bookmark the “aha” moments in your user videos. Annotations are visible to every team member, so anyone can jump to the key video highlights with one click, or quickly grasp the major issues and patterns with a look through the notes and common tags.

Annotations can also be shared via public links, so you can easily send impactful clips to clients or stakeholders who don’t have a TryMyUI login.

Available at all TryMyUI plan levels

Highlight reels

Stitch together key moments from your video results to create a powerful, digestible roundup of your most important findings. Choose your clips, edit the start and end points, and then generate a video you can share with team members, stakeholders, or clients.

1 five-minute reel on the Personal Plan; 3 reels of any length on Team and unlimited reels on Enterprise & up

UX Sprint

UX Sprint enables you to do iterative usability testing that supports and builds on your design process to measure the impact of your work and point the way forward.

You can run new “sprints” of your usability tests, passing the same set of tasks to a new batch of testers to perform, and then view direct metric comparisons between new and old results to see how the usability of your designs has changed.

Available on the Team Plan & up

Data export

Export all of your user test data off-platform: our data export sheet includes the complete datasets of all your tester profiles, post-test survey responses, diagnostic metrics, UX Crowd results, and even all the annotations you’ve generated. Your user videos can also be downloaded individually as mp4 files, or in a zip file of the whole study.

Available on the Team Plan & up