UX Wars Case Competition

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The Fall 2015 case competition is now closed. Stay tuned for the Fall 2016 case competition at @trymyui

Students are welcome to participate in the UX Wars Case Competition centered on usability testing and applying the newest generation of UX analysis tools to compare industry competitors.

In teams of 2-4, students will choose one of the five cases (stated in the Information Packet below). Students will run usability tests with their free EDU accounts to compare the user interface and user experience of the two competitors, and prepare a written report of insights collected from their video results. At the end of their report, students will conclude (based on the user feedback), which of the two brands offers a better user experience: the winner of the UX Wars!

The winning team receives a $600 cash prize to divide among team members.

Resource Materials for Participants:

Contact edu@trymyui.com for more information