A/B Testing your Graphical User Interface (GUI)

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You can use several methods to test practically any interface. You can collect data from the user interface and perform calculations to fix numerous issues. This information indicates how users interact with the interface. By understanding user behavior, you can enhance engagement, which contributes to sales and customer experience (CX).

The user interface can provide a lot of information, which can improve your application. However, when running a test, you need to check the GUI or “Graphic User Interface” and ensure the test coverage and functionality.

GUI enables users to interact with different electronic devices with audio and graphical icons. When you test the interface of your website or for your mobile app, you can identify the functionality problems from the user's perspective. Your users are often unable to act because of the user interface when internal functions are running fine.

GUI testing can help you test your user interface in this condition. There are various types of GUI testing. In this article, we will learn about GUI A/B testing:

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Steps of A/B Testing your GUI

For starters, it’s important to choose variants with maximum impact. A/B testing will help you understand the user behavior to choose one from both variations, A and B. Below. You will find some steps to perform the test and find valuable results:

Set your Goals

When running a test on your GUI or any other interface, you need to set goals. The goal should outline the result you want, such as a better layout, etc. You need to select metrics you want to improve. When you A/B test your GUI, you will compare metrics of two variations. The best variation with more traffic wins.

Create a Hypothesis

You need to assume the base for testing. Understand why variation A is better than variation B. To create a valid hypothesis, you need to ask yourself why conversions are not according to the expectations. In hypothesis, you will identify the metric you will change, along with the expected results.

Designing A/B Testing for your GUI

AB testing includes two variations so you can compare and change. You need to choose one variant. It is possible to choose more than one variant, but it changes the GUI test's complexity. You should start with simple testing with better results. You can consider any GUI metric for A/B testing, but it is better to start with an easy variant with high impact.

Analyze the Results

Now, you should analyze the test's result and ensure that everything is running correctly. Once you complete the test, you need to check the results and call the winning variation. You need to ensure that you are relying on enough data for proper results.

A/B testing can take weeks or months to complete, or just hours! The duration of the test depends on your product's use, so it's important to wait until you have enough data.

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After implementing the winning variant to your GUI, you need to keep on testing as there are always more improvements. A/B testing helps with incremental improvements. You can generate additional data to improve even further. So start with A/B testing the GUI of your website or your mobile app to increase your user engagement.

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