Using SUPR-Q in your usability tests

A good usability test will reveal flaws in your UX design, such as areas that are frustrating your users, failing to convert, or just areas that could use some general improvement. But what about the customers themselves? What are usability tests revealing about them in relationship to you or your company, and not just your design?

Introducing our newest feature to tackle the abstract nature of user research, Standardized User Experience Percentile Rank Questionnaire (SUPR-Q).

What is SUPR-Q

SUPR-Q is a powerful 8-item questionnaire designed by Jeff Sauro of MeasuringU. It differentiates itself from other similar tools with quarterly updates to its vast index of tested websites and its four-factor analysis (usability, appearance, trust/credibility, and because it includes NPS by default, loyalty).

SUPR-Q score display on UX diagnostics panel
  • The website is easy to use. (usability)
  • It is easy to navigate within the website. (usability)
  • I feel comfortable purchasing from the website. (trust)
  • I feel confident conducting business on the website. (trust)
  • How likely are you to recommend this website to a friend or colleague? (loyalty)
  • I will likely return to the website in the future. (loyalty)
  • I find the website to be attractive. (appearance)
  • The website has a clean and simple presentation. (appearance)

To administer the SUPR-Q, users responded to seven of the eight items using a 5-point scale (1 = strongly disagree and 5 = strongly agree). For one item (“How likely are you to recommend this website to a friend or colleague?”) users respond to an 11-point scale (0 = not at all likely and 10 = extremely likely).

How and when to use SUPR-Q

When assessing the quality of the website user experience, why should practitioners consider using a standardized questionnaire?

  • They provide a more reliable and valid measure of the construct of interest compared to homegrown questionnaires.
  • They, like the SUPR-Q, can be administered during a usability test or outside of a usability test.
  • The SUPR-Q can be administered before and after website changes to measure how much improvement, if any, was achieved.
  • The SUPR-Q normed scores allow website owners the ability to benchmark their website’s usability, trust, appearance, and loyalty.
  • Practitioners should consider using a standardized questionnaire that measures more than just a single factor such as usability.
While usability is a critical component of website quality, it does not fully describe the entire website user experience.

With SUPR-Q specifically, we recommend that a company who has already ran usability tests in the past and have resolved glaring issues think about utilizing the added psychometric capabilities of SUPR-Q to attract and retain customers. E-commerce businesses would be a great candidate for SUPR-Q. The goal of e-commerce UX is not only to make just a single sale, but to retain customers and keep them coming back. Getting the NPS results and credibility rating of your site is ideal for great e-commerce UX.  

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